Accommodation on the most luxurious 5-star cruise ship in Ha Long Bay

Nghỉ đêm trên du thuyền 5 sao xa xỉ nhất vịnh Hạ Long

Luxury, sophistication, class – that’s your first impression when you set foot on a 5-star Ha Long cruise. Experience Ha Long Bay Night Tour. You will not only have the opportunity to explore the heritage to the fullest but also enjoy fresh seafood dishes prepared by super chefs.

1. Paradise Elegance Cruise: paradise in the midst of wonders

As the most luxurious and beautiful cruise among Ha Long’s 5-star cruises, the Paradise Elegance cruise is an interesting combination of classic sophistication and modern, luxurious style. In addition to the investment in amenities, the quality of service on this cruise is also considered international class.


Before working on the ship, all employees must complete international standard training courses in emergency medicine, first aid, swimming, fire prevention and health training to be prepared to deal with any situation where a problem may arise.


The yacht consists of 5 floors with complete services such as spa, restaurant, solarium and 2 bars. The ship has 31 rooms, divided into 4 classes, all specially designed, with private balconies, prioritizing natural light, cozy space, providing the most comfortable feeling of rest to visitors.


The difference with the new line of yachts is that the time and place for dining are not fixed. You can freely choose the menu according to your preferences, reserve a table in the restaurant, on the terrace or on the private balcony of the cabin.

2. President Yacht – Presidential Yacht

As the largest and most modern 5-star superyacht currently in Ha Long Bay, President Cruise has a large terrace of up to 87 m2 that can accommodate 120 people at a time, with extensive views on all four sides.

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Considered a 5-star hotel floating above the sea, President has standard amenities, designed to give you the most unique experience.


President Cruises, a 5-star Ha Long cruise, has 46 rooms, corresponding to 5 types of rooms. Each room has a private balcony, storage room, reading area and bathroom completely covered in marble.

President Cruises is the first cruise ship in the bay to feature a Presidential Suite with a huge area (130m2), luxury equipment and a private butler who will attend to you 24/7 during the trip.


The Presidential Suite also has its own bar with more than 20 famous wines, promising a luxurious and exciting night tour of Ha Long Bay.

Considered a penthouse in the middle of the sea, the Presidential Suite is located separately on the upper deck of the yacht, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, providing panoramic views of Ha Long Bay.

To demonstrate your willingness to play, President Cruises has a Michelin-standard menu designed by a superstar chef to serve you. With British chef John Burton-Race, your cruise is also a tour of a premium culinary experience.


3. Alisa Cruise – Princess of the Ocean

Named after a beautiful princess from a European fairy tale, this 5-star Ha Long cruise also carries with it elegance, sophistication and nobility.

With extremely luxurious architectural lines, simple but no less modern, the Alisa cruise ship is always the best choice of tourists when sailing in Ha Long Bay.

There are only 22 cabins, but the rooms on the Alisa cruise ship always have a large surface, receive natural light and sea breezes, making you feel comfortable at home.

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4. La Regina Cruise – Queen of the Blue Sea

Known as the “queen of the blue sea,” your cruise aboard La Regina is more than just a cruise. The 5-star yacht La Regina is luxurious, aristocratic and sophisticated like an aristocratic woman with the bold and mysterious charm of the East.

Throughout your trip, La Regina will give you a completely different feeling of relaxation, at once calm, peaceful, soft and warm. All La Regina designs focus on radiating a soft, elegant yet very modern beauty.


With 27 luxury cabins, a vacation with La Regina is the perfect choice for you and your family.

5. Violeta Cruise – Palace in the middle of the sea

As Ha Long’s most luxurious 5-star cruise ship, Violet yacht’s design and décor have classic Indochinese influences, evoking a sense of luxury and nostalgia. All the details of the boat are made of wood and intricately carved, creating a cozy and luxurious space.

Possessing a system of rooms lavishly decorated like the palaces of ancient kings, combined with modern equipment, the Violet yacht makes your stay “worth every penny.”


All the tiredness of daily life seems to disappear the moment you board the train, lost in another world, leaving only melodious sounds and a feeling of complete rest.

The 5-star Violet cruise is especially suitable for couples, honeymoons or family celebrations and is an option not to be missed when traveling to Quang Ninh.

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