A series of photographs of Queen Nam Phuong’s mansion in Da Lat

A series of photographs of Queen Nam Phuong's mansion in Da Lat

Queen Nam Phuong Mansion in Da Lat is the most beautiful mansion in Da Lat, where many important events were witnessed in the lives of Queen Nam Phuong and former Emperor Bao Dai.

Located within the grounds of the Lam Dong Provincial Museum, Nguyen Huu Hao Palace or Queen Nam Phuong Palace is one of the most famous old French-style mansions in Da Lat. The palace has 3 floors, an area of ​​about 500 m2, located on a high hill, covering the poetic space of Da Lat city.

The plan is built in a pentagonal shape, with a projecting tiled roof. The ventilation system has a stylized decorative pattern of peach branches. Royal objects from the Nguyen Dynasty are displayed on this floor.

During the period when Palace 3, the resort of King Bao Dai and the queen, had not yet been built, the two often stayed in this mansion. All interior and exterior spaces of the palace have the usual yellow paint of French-style villas. Yellow is also a royal symbol.

The staircase system, windows, ceilings and furniture are clad with precious wood creating a warm and luxurious appearance.

There are 10 rooms in the palace, Queen Nam Phuong’s private room is located on the second floor. Many of her belongings such as closet, bed, dresser, court clothes… are still intact.

This mansion originally belonged to Duke Nguyen Huu Hao, a famous and wealthy landowner of Go Cong, father of Queen Nam Phuong. After living here for a while, he gave this mansion to his daughter.

According to the people of Da Lat, during the period when Palace 3 was not yet built, Queen Nam Phuong and King Bao Dai, when they came to Da Lat, often stayed in this palace. This is also the place to witness many important events in the lives of Queen Nam Phuong and former Emperor Bao Dai.

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Through historical ups and downs, the mansion has been used for many different purposes, but still retains its original appearance with many original artifacts. The photo shows Queen Nam Phuong’s private room with a bed and the piano she used.

Another corner of Queen Nam Phuong’s room with her dressing table next to the fireplace made of marble brought from Europe.

Other rooms of the mansion: Large living room…

Banquet hall.

family dining room


Crown Prince Bao Long’s private room.

Mr. and Mrs. Duke Nguyen Huu Hao’s room.

Family room for guests.

Guest waiting room. All rooms have marble-clad fireplaces and arches clad in precious wood, creating a warm and luxurious appearance.

Some objects preserved in the Palace of Queen Nam Phuong: Bull’s head from the Central Highlands…

Cash register.

Silver fruit bowl.

Embroidery table, reading books by Queen Nam Phuong.

The mansion also has an escape tunnel.

The rooms have numerous photographs of Queen Nam Phuong, King Bao Dai, Crown Prince Bao Long… when they were still in Vietnam and when they went to France, helping to recreate a part of history from more than 70 years ago .

View of Da Lat from the window of Queen Nam Phuong’s room.

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